Florida beach lifestyle is one to truly treasure.  Life can be easy, simple, and fun in Paradise.

Beach mornings provide the perfect therapeutic start of the day.

The surf rolling in is almost noiseless at sunrise, the breeze is consistent yet mild, dolphins feed and surface as they play close to shore, and traffic sounds are a world away.

During a family beach vacation, you can enjoy both active togetherness and calming alone time, all in one environment. Clean Florida beaches offer plenty of space and opportunity to do everything from renting huge aquatic toys, playing catch, flying a kite, watching seagulls and pelicans...or just swimming in the ocean.


You can enjoy finding new spots to dine outdoors on fresh seafood or relax with a cold drink and the sounds of others having fun at a popular tiki bar. Florida beaches have a blend of elegant dining places and truly unique beach bars.

One night you can dine in an upscale resort with a rotating penthouse restaurant...while the next evening you can sit on the deck of a beach bar and listen to a hundred random individuals participate in a huge tropical "drum jam" out by the Gulf.


Living on the water is the very centerpiece of the Florida experience, the essence of what brings visitors here from around the world.

With private backyard boat docks and miles of river and gulf waters to explore. Moor your boat just outside your back door, launch your kayak or paddleboard for a gentle spin, or enjoy a refreshing beverage overlooking the river at day's end while watching majestic birds circle overhead.

Stunning natural surroundings and amenities tailored to the enjoyment of the outdoors all combine to create the kind of simple, yet elegant, lifestyle that many only dream of.


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